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A certified team adapted to your needs

Levasseur Warren has a team of certified coaches and trainers who offer coaching tailored to your needs and objectives. Whether through leadership training, sales training or individual and group business coaching, we will be able to help your managers in their daily tasks to eliminate the causes of your organizational and communication problems. Business coaches are being an important pillar in many businesses. Investing in the training of staff or the coaching of executives has proven hire retention. These days, acquiring talent is more and more difficult, this is why you see businesses employ full time professional business coaches within their organisation and continuously investing in training employees.

Our Business Coaching Approach

We accompany you from the beginning to the end of the process, including post-coaching feedback and analysis. We evaluate the needs and provide a free estimate of the coaching strategy to adopt in order to help your company evolve towards success.

Why business coaching

Business coaching is becoming a necessary pillar in many companies. Investment in employee training or executive coaching demonstrates higher employee retention. Today, talent acquisition is increasingly difficult, which is why many companies are hiring full-time professional business coaches in their organizations and investing more in ongoing business coaching.

When you are accompanied by a certified professional coach, you ensure that you are supported by high standards of competence recognized by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Our structured approach empowers the coachee in his or her approach, and in partnership, we identify possible solutions, blind spots and actions that will help achieve the goals set.

International Leadership Program

Be a Leader of the future

Achieve your goals, get a clear vision of your issues and how to transform them, connect authentically with yourself and with others, develop an international network of disruptive Leaders: The promises of the Leaderc path .

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We organize and plan your urban offsite in a dynamic environment in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal!

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Thank you very much for having supported me in my metamorphosis as well as for having helped me grow. You are part of my success!

— M.J. Charbonneau, Manager

The team coaching approach has allowed a stronger sense of belonging with the team and an openness in respecting differences, understanding that no one is the same and that you have to put a little water in your wine to manage it better.

It allowed us to trust each other more, to know ourselves and our collaborators better with the Nova profile, to enhance our strengths and to mitigate our weaknesses. It allowed us to reorganize the roles of certain managers, to highlight the strengths of individuals for a stronger team.

 We have learned to communicate better with each other by practicing better listening and asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what the other person means. Commitment is an important team concept for the respect of our colleagues.

 Jean has great respect for individuals. He sees strengths in each of us. It’s a mark of competence on his part.

Marc L’Écuyer President   Legerlite Group

Patrick developed high level of expertise in multiple sectors including Marketing & strategy, Management & human resources, Business planning, Negotiations (Sales & Procurement), Finance and Business intelligence/analytics.  Over the years, he proved his leadership abilities in a wide range of roles achieving some of the highest level of performance and engagement

-M. Amery, Vice-President, TELUS

“Nathalie Delmas’ ‘disruptive’ approach, is most dynamic and effective. Nathalie has great emotional intelligence, precious to identify the challenges and issues, allowing us to excel and thrive in surpassing oneself. She and her team, with the tools they share, helped us clarify our ideas and directions for developing innovation in our business. “

Suzanne Blanchet – Vice President Innovation – Cascades