Client Testimonials on our coaching & Management training mandates


Letter of Recommendation: Yves Levasseur

Lasalle, Montréal, January 30, 2023

RE: LaSalle’s team building and strategic planning process
Dear Sir
I am pleased to confirm the complete satisfaction of the borough’s elected officials and the
members of LaSalle’s management committee, following the team building and strategic planning process
strategic planning process, in which you accompanied us in the fall of 2022, and that we are continuing
we are continuing with you at the beginning of the year 2023.
From the planning stage, Borough Director Christianne Cyrenne and I, as the director responsible for the activity, have greatly appreciated your attentiveness,
your analysis of our needs and your judicious advice. The quality of your support has been an important
was an important element in the success of our offsite exercise and in the development
and in the development of our 2023-2030 strategic plan. We are aware that our
that our project to work on both a team building effect and on the identification of the elements of our
strategic plan was very ambitious.
Nevertheless, you guided us well through each step and it would have been difficult to make this happen without your help.
Thank you for taking on the challenge.
I would like to highlight the contribution of your collaborator Nadine Marcon, who succeeded in a very short time in erasing the natural barriers of the
the natural barriers between the board members and the management team – especially since some were newly elected or
especially since some were newly elected or hired. She won everyone’s support
and I don’t think an outside observer could have told who was elected or a director in the
group. Ms. Marcon’s explanation of our individual and team profiles shed a revealing light on our strengths and
revealing light on our strengths and the challenges we still face.
I wish you all the best in your business development.  Best Regard,


Pierre Dupuis
Assistant Borough Director

Letter of Recommendation: Hugo Berger

Province of Quebec,

The telework reality of our engineering firm has evolved quite a bit… Hugo and his team of experts helped our organization identify strengths, challenges and gaps through an organizational telework diagnostic. The exercise clarified our positioning with respect to telework and will allow us to optimize telework in a targeted and efficient way. I recommend Hugo and his team of specialists, a wise choice to find the balance between face-to-face and virtual work for your company.

André Duquette, CHRP
HR and Organizational Development Manager
Avizo expert consultant

Letter of Recommendation: Hugo Berger


Our study had the opportunity to participate in the Telework Academy cohort in Spring 2022. The Telework Academy team was able to identify our position on telework. The recommendations of their experts, delivered in a telework organizational diagnostic, allowed us to learn more about our team’s needs. In addition, we obtained the necessary information to update our contracts and internal policies regarding telework, in order to prepare for the future, given the high demand for hybrid work for new recruits.



Karine Francoeur


Paré Tanguay notaires inc.

Letter of Recommendation: Félix Provost-Poulin


Felix is a brilliant and caring person that I recommend without hesitation. A man of many talents and knowledge, he is seasoned by life and shares his experience without hesitation to help and grow his fellow man.

Claude Martel, Founding Partner – Ascension Leadership & Recruitment

Letter of Recommendation: Félix Provost-Poulin


I used Felix’s services to develop new management skills. I found his approach to be professional and structured, yet very friendly. Our meetings helped me to stay focused on the most important objectives for me and my company. I came away feeling confident and inspired!

Geneviève Aubry, Eng, PhD, Founder – Proactivo

Letter of Recommendation: Patrick Carle

, February 10, 2021

Patrick developed high level of expertise in multiple sectors including Marketing & strategy, Management & human resources, Business planning, Negotiations (Sales & Procurement), Finance and Business intelligence/analytics.  Over the years, he proved his leadership abilities in a wide range of roles achieving some of the highest level of performance and engagement

-M. Amery, Vice-President, TELUS

Letter of Recommendation: Patrick Carle

, February 10, 2021

“Patrick is an amazing facilitator.   He supported our organizational transformation process multiple times over a two year period.  Despite conflicting interest groups internally, limited time, language and cultural challenges, he was able to rally everyone around a common strategy.  Thanks for helping us change!” 

M. Thanh, Vice-president, VCCI

Letter of Recommendation: Patrick Carle

, February 10, 2021

With his innovative methodology, Patrick supported our transformation process with incredible speed and efficiency. Its bottom-up approach allowed my team to take ownership of the plan fostering a successful implementation

-M.Minh, President, VWEC

Letter of Recommendation: Patrick Carle

Canada, January 19, 2021

I have had the opportunity to know Patrick for more than fifteen years at TELUS, including having Patrick work directly under my supervision for his last role at TELUS as a Director of Business Development for Strategic Partners. I am pleased to recommend him for any senior level position or training/consulting opportunities. 

Over the years, Patrick proved his leadership abilities in a wide range of roles achieving some of the highest level of performance and team engagement. While at TELUS, he developed high level of expertise in multiple sectors including: 

  • Marketing & strategy 
  • Management & human resources 
  • Business planning 
  • Negotiations (Sales & Procurement) 
  • Finance 
  • Business intelligence and analytics 

Patrick is a strong communicator, face-to-face or in a virtual environment. His approach creates a safe environment that fosters active participation, innovation and creativity. 

Please feel free to contact me should you like to discuss Patrick’s qualifications and experience further. 


Kal Amery 

Vice-President, Global Partner Management – Telus

Letter of Recommendation: Nadine Beaupré

Quebéc, January 19, 2021

My team and I had the opportunity to have a co-development workshop with Nadine. In the opinion of the whole group, it was a very enriching and instructive experience. We have learned a lot, including some very useful knowledge that will allow us to make daily use of it and thus improve our interventions with our employees and our clients.

This will improve and increase the impact of our leadership!!

Nadine is a very dynamic person; she knows how to make us understand what she shares with us through concrete and practical examples. Her personal experience and advice make us think about how we approach our employees and especially how to properly use management tools and our leadership.

She knows her field of expertise well and masters the shared and taught concepts. Very good communicator, I would definitely recommend Nadine for your coaching and team co-development needs.

Dominic Sénéchal

Director, Scheduling and Operational Planning at Hydro Québec

Letter of Recommendation: Nadine Marcon

Canada, January 19, 2021

Nadine has been an incredible coach during a difficult professional transition (change of position following a one-year work stoppage). Thanks to her great listening skills, her tools, her experience and her humanity, she allowed me to reconnect with my strengths, to better see the stakes for each and everyone and therefore to see the situation in a global and more detached way. Her contribution has been crucial in getting me through this moment and finding a new balance at work. And the benefits were felt throughout my personal life. 

It’s always inspiring to see people on their “X” and Nadine is definitely one of them. Thank you for everything!

Martin Léger, Prévost

Letter of Recommendation: Jean Boudreault

Canada, January 19, 2021

The team coaching approach has allowed a stronger sense of belonging with the team and an openness in respecting differences, understanding that no one is the same and that you have to put a little water in your wine to manage it better.

It allowed us to trust each other more, to know ourselves and our collaborators better with the Nova profile, to enhance our strengths and to mitigate our weaknesses. It allowed us to reorganize the roles of certain managers, to highlight the strengths of individuals for a stronger team.

 We have learned to communicate better with each other by practicing better listening and asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what the other person means. Commitment is an important team concept for the respect of our colleagues.

 Jean has great respect for individuals. He sees strengths in each of us. It’s a mark of competence on his part.

Marc L’Écuyer President   Legerlite Group

Letter of Recommendation: Brigitte St-Germain

Canada, January 19, 2021

Thank you very much for having supported me in my metamorphosis as well as for having helped me grow. You are part of my success!

— M.J. Charbonneau, Manager

Letter of Recommendation: Geneviève Dicaire

Canada, January 19, 2021

I hired Geneviève for a Strategic Planning exercise, then a Team Building day, and finally to also offer Individual Coaching to members of my company. She’s been with us for over a year now, and among all the gains, the main concrete result is the significant improvement in overall communication within the company. This has a direct effect on the working climate and the quality of teamwork. We will continue to work with Geneviève again this year!

Yves Fallu

President, Engineer, Equation Group Consulting

Letter of Recommendation: Nathalie Delmas

Canada, January 19, 2021

“Nathalie Delmas’ ‘disruptive’ approach, is most dynamic and effective. Nathalie has great emotional intelligence, precious to identify the challenges and issues, allowing us to excel and thrive in surpassing oneself. She and her team, with the tools they share, helped us clarify our ideas and directions for developing innovation in our business. “

Suzanne Blanchet – Vice President Innovation – Cascades

Letter of Recommendation: Nathalie Marceau

Canada, January 19, 2021

I had the chance to be coached by Nathalie on several occasions and what a rewarding personal and professional experience!!! 

Nathalie’s approach is authentic, deep and current. 

Nathalie has an incredible ability to listen and build trust. She has helped me clarify my goals and values, determine a plan of action for each of the situations discussed and much more.

She possesses the true art of coaching, do not hesitate to deal with Nathalie for your coaching and development needs.

Thank you Nathalie !!!

Lydia Bazile – HR Manager – Rogers Communications

Letter of Recommendation: Marc-François Rouleau

Canada, January 19, 2021

I am pleased to provide you with information about Marc-François Rouleau.

For more than four years, Mr. Rouleau worked for our company as Vice President, Local and National Sales, Newspapers, Quebecor Media Group, and as Sales Director for the Montreal newspaper “Le Journal de Montréal”.

In particular, Mr. Rouleau has set up training sessions on various subjects such as sales consulting and communication techniques for all sales teams. These 45-minute training sessions took place approximately twice a month. It also offered professional coaching sessions to managers to help them develop their skills and competencies with respect to organizational orientations and values.

Mr. Rouleau is always looking for relevant and innovative ways to ensure success in his work. It is therefore with great eagerness that I recommend him to you.  

 Sandra Desjardins, Director of Operations, Newspapers – Quebecor

Letter of Recommendation: Yves Levasseur

Laval, April 1, 2020

We were fortunate enough to carry out our strategic planning exercise with Mr. Levasseur. He was able to guide and accompany us with professionalism and rigour in this crucial process for our company. His advice and availability throughout the year were very useful to us and facilitated and optimized the achievement of our objectives.

In addition, Mr. Levasseur acted as a professional coach for one of our new employees. This professional relationship was very beneficial and greatly contributed to his professional development.

I would not hesitate to mandate Mr. Levasseur again in our company as well as to recommend him to other SMEs as a facilitator and contributor to the success of their business.

Yours sincerely,

Julie Plouffe, CRHA, Director Human Resources, Confiserie Mondoux Inc.

Letter of Recommendation: Marjorie Poitras

Canada, July 26, 2021

Marjorie Poitras is a coach who takes us, with a masterful hand, into our areas of strengths and weaknesses to make us aware of our derails.

Thanks to her vast experience within large organizations as a high-level executive, she has the ability to quickly understand our issues and guide us towards solutions and achievable goals. Structured, analytical, empathetic and above all experienced, she is an outstanding coach that all leaders should work with.

Thank you Marjorie for your listening skills, your authenticity and the way you lead the most delicate issues to concrete action.

Chantal D. Brochu
Assistant manager
Collège de Maisonneuve

Letter of Recommendation: Jean-Claude Silva

Canada, January 3, 2019

I’ve had the privilege of planning for and taking part in a sales training given by Jean-Claude late in 2019. What immediately stood out is his love for what he does, both in sales and coaching. You get a sense that he is following his calling passionately. All of us left the training with renewed purpose and some very helpful insights. He also confronted us with our own self-imposed limitations and gave us tools to overcome them. I would recommend his services to any business looking to give it’s sales force an edge, to boost morale and to improve team spirit. Thanks for your help!

Francis St-Laurent
FAE & Business Development Manager
Smart Cities and Tunnel at Schréder Canada