The best leaders possess these 3 qualities: By Brigitte St-Germain, PCC

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By Brigitte St-Germain PCC

How to recognize a good leader? Should you adopt a muscular and strict practice to make your employees obey you at the drop of a hat or, on the contrary, be human and understanding with them? For John Baldoni, world-renowned leadership expert, coach and educator, the second option is the right one. Here, according to him, are the three essential qualities of the best leaders in the world:

Emotional intelligence: A company is a reflection of its leader! For Baldoni and the American psychologist Daniel Goleman, a good leader must have a developed emotional intelligence. He must constantly work on emotional self-regulation and motivate his troops in a regular manner while being empathetic and sociable with his employees.
Friendliness: It is difficult to like everyone you meet at work! It’s normal: everyone has their own character differences and flaws! However, the best leaders are expected to be friendly to everyone they meet in the office.
Confidence: A confident boss gives confidence to his team. To be confident, the leader must know his or her strengths, but also his or her weaknesses. Beware: knowing your worth is one thing, but appearing arrogant is another!
Do you agree with Baldoni that these three qualities are essential to being a good leader?