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Mariane Lavigne


HR Consultant

Mariane is a CHRP member and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration. Through her position as a teaching assistant at UQAM, which she held for more than 4 and a half years during her studies, she gained experience in preparing and delivering courses to groups of different sizes.

With several years of experience in customer service and sales in various companies, including the National Bank, she has always been motivated by building good relationships with people. This is what led her to move more towards the field of human resources, and to hold various mandates in this regard, since February 2019. As a consultant, she has had to collaborate in various HR functions (recruitment, management of CNESST files, conflict management, helping relations,
etc.), through a consulting role for both managers and employees, in unionized and non-unionized environments.

Recognized for her interpersonal skills, her determination, her ability to listen and her desire to help, she is committed to contributing to the development and maintenance of the physical and psychological well-being of people (both employees and leaders) in the workplace, as well as to the establishment of conditions favouring the attraction and retention of personnel in organizations. In this sense, she assists companies with recruitment, consulting services and training in labor relations and other Human Resources needs.