How to attract new business ! By Orest Lysymanko, PCC, Professional Business Coach

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By Orest Lysymanko


It starts with your purpose. Why is it that you exist as a business? What is your core purpose?


You must ascertain your core values so the customers you deal with are in accord with your own values.

If among your values is integrity, then you make sure that your customers are honest if they are not you are not living your values.


Your vision is where you wish to go.

•             What will your company look like in 3 years?

•             What is your aspiration for your business?

•             Which are the services and products you would like to offer?

Your Why, your Values along with your Vision are the foundation for your business.


As an entrepreneur you want to determine your financial objective.

•             What are your anticipated revenues in 1 year and 3 years?

•             What’s the average earnings per customer?

•             How many customers do you need to attain your financial objective? = Expected earnings / average earnings per customer.


Frequently what I find in a great deal of companies and professional practices that they do not indicate what they are at best for and what value or advantage they are providing for their clientele.

By focusing on a particular niche, you would like to be effective on your prospecting and be known in your market.

Normally client’s desire to work with companies who have experience in their area so they can relate.

•             What is your expertise as a business?

•             What’s value do you wish to bring to your clientele?

•             Where are your customers?

•             Who are your ideal customers?

•             List the essential issues / challenges they face and ways to help them resolve.

•             Are you currently the ideal person to address the issue or challenge?


The value proposition is why a potential client will buy your service or product.

  • What is it that you are offering to your ideal client?
  • What is the benefit or value that is connected with your offering?
  • Why should they purchase your goods or services?


Crucial: Build Trust with your potential client

  1. ASK for referrals.
  2. Together with your clients, your present network or even a strategic partner
  3. From existing clients acquire testimonials.
  4. Identify companies that serve your market area, this way you can form a strategic alliance.
  5. LinkedIn contacts: Request for an introduction into a prospect

2)  Publish informative content and eventually become a speaker to clearly show your abilities and abilities.

  • Websites, article on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Articles and Advertising
  • YouTube movies / Online webinars
  • Seminars

Marketing Funnel to get leads. Drive prospects to your website to Get leads.

  • e-mails. (Give off PDF Educational Item)

You always must be building your prospect list and pipeline. As soon as you have got a Prospect listing / Pipeline connect on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and be certain to reach out by phone or email.

3) Measures to Reach Out to Your Prospect

Preparation + Opportunity = Success

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. (Zig Ziglar)

Therefore, to become prosperous on your prospecting you must get well prepared.

  • Identify your potential and define their difficulty or need.
  • Look for private relations (ex LinkedIn)
  • Check out prospects site.
  • Look for media policy of this prospect.
  • Make sure you have a script, possess mindset, optimistic energy and believe in what you’re providing.
  • Make the contact.
  • How many prospects will you be calling daily to attain your financial goal?

4) Follow-Up.

Studies indicate that 80 percent of those prospects convert to the 5th touch and 90 percent of entrepreneurs give up following the 4th try.

Consequently, discipline in reaching out to your prospects and follow-up is critical.

In closing put all these steps into action to attain your vision and keep in improving your abilities and knowledge so you will be known as a trusted and successful business leader.