Leadership Training in Montreal & Quebec City



One of the most frequent needs of our clients is the training of managers. Whether newly promoted or long-time employees, managers are often chosen for their technical knowledge and expertise, but do not necessarily have the knowledge required to manage teams. They proceed by instinct, by trial and error, without understanding the basics of how work teams function.

This often causes problems within teams and sometimes even results in low employee retention. It is well known that employees do not leave a company, they leave their boss. Lack of communication and teamwork, difficulty giving feedback to employees, lack of mobilization and commitment, lack of recognition and motivation, poorly managed conflicts, are all aspects that can greatly alter the efficiency and synergy of teams and lead some people to simply leave the company.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of work teams, it is crucial to provide managers with the necessary tools to improve their leadership. Our hybrid approach is based on group training and is supported by individual coaching.

Two elements are important for the success of this type of program:

  • The commitment of senior management
  • A follow-up after the training to ensure proper integration of the content.

Leadership Training Plan :

Inspiring and mobilizing leadership (one day – 7 hrs)
Accountability and delegation: How to improve your ability to delegate
Team maturity or how to develop autonomous, responsible and productive teams
Situational leadership
Recognition: A powerful tool for mobilization
How to manage your teams that are teleworking

Communicate with impact (one day – 7 hrs) :
The basics
Agile Leader – How to adapt to our team – Wilson’s typology (to recognize personality styles)
Feedback to an employee (How to give feedback while preserving the relationship)
Empathetic communication methods – (Conscious non-violent communication)

Conflict management (half day)

Change management (half day)

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