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Patrick Carle

BCOMM, MBA, Certified digital auditor, Certified Trainer

Audit industry 4.0, management and strategy consulting and training

Patrick benefits from an expertise built over twenty years acquired within large and small organizations in several industries (B2B, wholesale trade, tourism, telecommunications, manufacturing, incubators, chambers of commerce, aviation). His management or advisory roles have allowed him to demonstrate his ability to maintain the level of performance and commitment of his teams even in times of major change.

Specialized in digital and strategic transformation, Patrick is fascinated by the opportunities that technology offers to leaders who wish to innovate and transform. Tech-savvy, Patrick has an unmatched ability to take complex business concepts / issues and make them simple and solvable through his experiences in multiple business functions (strategy, sales / marketing, procurement, finance and business analysis / intelligence, etc. )


I have had the opportunity to know Patrick for more than fifteen years at TELUS, including having Patrick work directly under my supervision for his last role at TELUS as a Director of Business Development for Strategic Partners. I am pleased to recommend him for any senior level position or training/consulting opportunities. 

Over the years, Patrick proved his leadership abilities in a wide range of roles achieving some of the highest level of performance and team engagement. While at TELUS, he developed high level of expertise in multiple sectors including: 

  • Marketing & strategy 
  • Management & human resources 
  • Business planning 
  • Negotiations (Sales & Procurement) 
  • Finance 
  • Business intelligence and analytics 

Patrick is a strong communicator, face-to-face or in a virtual environment. His approach creates a safe environment that fosters active participation, innovation and creativity. 

Please feel free to contact me should you like to discuss Patrick’s qualifications and experience further. 


Kal Amery 

Vice-President, Global Partner Management – Telus

Patrick developed high level of expertise in multiple sectors including Marketing & strategy, Management & human resources, Business planning, Negotiations (Sales & Procurement), Finance and Business intelligence/analytics.  Over the years, he proved his leadership abilities in a wide range of roles achieving some of the highest level of performance and engagement

-M. Amery, Vice-President, TELUS

“Patrick is an amazing facilitator.   He supported our organizational transformation process multiple times over a two year period.  Despite conflicting interest groups internally, limited time, language and cultural challenges, he was able to rally everyone around a common strategy.  Thanks for helping us change!” 

M. Thanh, Vice-president, VCCI

With his innovative methodology, Patrick supported our transformation process with incredible speed and efficiency. Its bottom-up approach allowed my team to take ownership of the plan fostering a successful implementation

-M.Minh, President, VWEC