Certified Coach, Expert in Sales Strategies and Speaker

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Marc-François Rouleau

Certified Coach, Expert in Sales Strategies

Speaker and mobilizer

Undisputed master in professional accompaniment, his power of mobilization and his remarkable ingenuity to deal with commercial strategies strongly characterize Marc-François Rouleau. Dynamic and engaging, he instills ardor and conviction in his listeners and his work teams. Diversified sectors of activity such as the pharmaceutical industry, the academic field, telecommunications and of course publishing, mark his career as a trainer, expert speaker, sales director and in particular, vice-president, local and national sales, Newspapers, Quebecor Media Group. You will find in Marc-François a coach of the most enlightened and well aware of the current commercial challenges.


I am pleased to provide you with information about Marc-François Rouleau.

For more than four years, Mr. Rouleau worked for our company as Vice President, Local and National Sales, Newspapers, Quebecor Media Group, and as Sales Director for the Montreal newspaper “Le Journal de Montréal”.

In particular, Mr. Rouleau has set up training sessions on various subjects such as sales consulting and communication techniques for all sales teams. These 45-minute training sessions took place approximately twice a month. It also offered professional coaching sessions to managers to help them develop their skills and competencies with respect to organizational orientations and values.

Mr. Rouleau is always looking for relevant and innovative ways to ensure success in his work. It is therefore with great eagerness that I recommend him to you.  

 Sandra Desjardins, Director of Operations, Newspapers – Quebecor