Certified Business Coach for Executives and Teams

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Jean Boudreau

B. PSC, M.A.P. ACC, Certified NOVA Profile 2.0

Business coaching Senior and executive

Driven by a desire to accelerate the learning curve of organizations operating in competitive and innovative environments, Jean has been involved for 23 years with large companies and SMEs in the financial, automotive, municipal and tourism sectors. He practices professional coaching with managers to increase the impact of their leadership and communication in contexts of change. Focusing on results and return on investment, Jean assists teams in implementing new business practices and technologies and improving employee and customer experience. He is known for his ability to analyze and synthesize, his political skills, his pragmatism and his ability to communicate in English and French with all levels of an organization.


The team coaching approach has allowed a stronger sense of belonging with the team and an openness in respecting differences, understanding that no one is the same and that you have to put a little water in your wine to manage it better.

It allowed us to trust each other more, to know ourselves and our collaborators better with the Nova profile, to enhance our strengths and to mitigate our weaknesses. It allowed us to reorganize the roles of certain managers, to highlight the strengths of individuals for a stronger team.

 We have learned to communicate better with each other by practicing better listening and asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what the other person means. Commitment is an important team concept for the respect of our colleagues.

 Jean has great respect for individuals. He sees strengths in each of us. It’s a mark of competence on his part.

Marc L’Écuyer President   Legerlite Group