Danny Paul Blouin, MBA, ICF Certified Coach, Certified digital auditor

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Danny Paul Blouin, MBA, ICF Certified Coach

Danny Paul Blouin, MBA, ICF Certified Coach

Certified digital auditor

Passionate about transforming SMEs through technology and people.

Good morning,

For over 30 years, whether in my roles as coach, consultant, or business unit leader, I have distinguished myself by my ability to support people and teams during periods of significant change or growth, and this in various industries and organizations sizes, in Canada and abroad.

Since my first steps in management, I have known the importance of the Customer and the Team’s engagement to the success of any organization.

Some of the industries I have had the chance to get involved in are:

  • Automotive, Technologies, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Maritime, Transportation, Retail and Services.

My current interventions (in English and French) usually relate to the following areas of expertise:

  • Strategic planning and digital business transformation, leadership coaching and customer experience.

I am an ICF-certified coach at the ACC level with over 800 hours of coaching activities with leaders from different industries.

My customers say that my key strengths are:

  • My empathy and active listening.
  • My understanding of the transformational potential of technologies for SMEs.
  • My experience in business transformation and
  • My ability to resolve complex situations with concrete and achievable action plans.


“Danny’s high caliber character and business expertise set him well above other executives I had the chance to work with during my career. He respects everyone’s expertise and always lends a helping hand to mentor his team.” – Tarik

“…His energy and enthusiasm is infectious. His intellect, aptitude, and passion for marketing and growing a business is evident in everything he does” – Mike M.