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Chantal Hains


Certified speaker and trainer, author. Skills development strategist. Wage subsidies and CQIF implementation. Integrated talent and workforce management (Bill 90 /1% manpower training). CODEV facilitation, HR project management in human capital.

Recognized training expert and coach in companies for the implementation of the Training Initiative Quality Certificate (CQIF), manager of major projects in applications for grants and for skills enhancement, talent management and global training plan, trainer / facilitator, telework diagnostics, facilitator CODEV, business partner in human resources and organizational development.

Chantal is a bilingual manager with a great experience in consultation. Oriented towards results, she is an expert in helping you develop and manage your workforce.  Being very goal-oriented and focused on producing results, Chantal influences managers to mobilize teams and bring people to work together.

Having a lot of success in negotiations with the government to obtain subsidies and other major projects, e.g. Certificat qualité des initiatives formation (CQIF), she has become a recognized representative to defend training files with Revenu Québec and the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, and the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT).   Over time, she gained experience on regional and national levels by working as a strategy director for KPMG, National Bank, ACCÉO Solutions, Knigthsbridge- Human Capital Management, le Conseil du Patronat du Québec, Le Réseau des services spécialisés de main-d’oeuvre, and Manpower Personnel Services. For more than one decade, at the same time as working for these organizations, she has created and developed her own consulting practice.  In addition to having a diverse set of skills in human resources, she is an expert in the corporate, institutional, financial, transportation, real estate, service, education, NPO, government, community, and information technology sectors.

Moreover, Chantal is greatly involved in andragogical conferences to further educate adults throughout life.  Due to her high resilience to solve organizational training issues, she has been nominated in various expert committees at the Ordre des Conseillers en ressources humaines agréées du Québec (CRHA/CHRP) and in the Institut coopératif d’éducation des adultes (ICEA).  She was also responsible for representing the employer’s side with the government authorities: CPMT, CNPEPT, ICEA, CRPMT, Aboriginal/First Nations and 45+ clientele advisory committees.  This has allowed her to target the issues of the Quebec workforce and defend the rights of employers.

With a great leadership in communication, Chantal is passionate about training and dedicating herself to customer satisfaction with the goal of improving employability in the workforce.  Furthermore, she distinguishes herself with her knowledge and energy by being actively committed to developing and mobilizing human capital in organizational transformation contexts.  She is a team player and maintains strong relationships with her colleagues, business partners, as well as leaders and political decision-makers.  It is with her perseverance and desire for excellence that she will ensure with you, your teams and your collaborators, the management of a successful project.


October 2020

”I worked with Chantal on a CQIF project and I loved her professionalism, her availability, and her expertise. She brought many important and distinguished ideas to our CQIF request.”

Audreanne Archambault, Human Resources Manager – Artitalia Group.

April 2020

“Working with Chantal in the past 20 years has been a privilege.  She is experienced, professional, committed, very energetic, autonomous, and extremely responsible. When she gets involved, she delivers the goods!”

Marie-Carmen Velasco, CHRP, Certified Coach and VP RH ACCEO Solutions with Chantal from 2009-2016