Go-to-market strategy consultant

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Amélie Chagnon

Go-to-market strategy consultant


Do you want to increase your sales or market a new product?

All the experts will give you the same formula:

1- Establish objectives and a structure for tracking results.

2- Implement a solid lead acquisition strategy

3- Develop a sales funnel capable of converting prospects into customers

4- Maintain and grow your customer accounts

Simple? Yes, a little too simple!

Where do you start?

Amélie Chagnon has been in that business for over 15 years. She is a new consultant specializing in go-to-market strategy development: prospecting, business development and customer retention.

With 10 years’ expertise in deploying the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) model, and a wealth of experience in both the international and Quebec markets, Amélie offers customized solutions to companies seeking to develop their presence or launch new products on local and global markets.

Specialized services for companies seeking growth:

  • Implementation and deployment of the OKR model
  • Development of international and local sales strategies
  • Alignment & training of marketing, sales & customer success teams
  • Optimization of customer acquisition processes
  • Sales cycle management for effective growth
  • Creation and implementation of customer loyalty programs
  • Selection of sales tools to track and accelerate your people
  • Follow up of sales operations in CRM (particular expertise with Hubspot)

“My background in the world of technology start-ups has opened my eyes to the difficulties companies have in making their mark here, and internationally. I like to see go-to-market as both an art and a science, and to be able to play on both axes to accelerate sales. After having done this multiple times as a full time employee, I now feel ready to adapt and share my playbooks as a consultant to help a multitude of businesses grow.’’

Amélie Chagnon