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Many small business owners do not have a succession plan. Some say they don’t have enough time, are obsessed with running their business, don’t want to consider leaving, or don’t understand how to proceed.

However, the business can lose substantial value if there is absolutely no exit strategy and if it has to be sold because of a health problem, for example. Obviously, you will want to avoid at all costs being forced to sell your business to a competitor… at a low price!

Through their lack of preparation, business owners also create uncertainty among their teams, which can be detrimental to their effectiveness and even lead to the departure of key members who could have ensured a smooth transition. These situations undermine productivity.

Let us prepare your business transfer: our program will allow you to get the most out of your business when you sell it, without stress.

The Levasseur Warren Team: An Alliance of Excellence

We proudly present our exceptional combined service offering, orchestrated by two businesses coaching experts, Orest Lysymanko and Patrick Carle, an integral part of the Levasseur Warren team. This unique collaboration offers you a turnkey approach to creating value in your business, with solid strategic planning, a transition to digital 4.0, and personalized support for business transfers, all overseen by Levasseur Warren, a reference in the field.

Levasseur Warren is a renowned company, recognized for its expertise in guiding companies to success. Thanks to integrating the skills of two outstanding professionals, Orest Lysymanko and Patrick Carle, our team offers you a synergy of experience and knowledge, guaranteeing a comprehensive, high-performance approach to propelling your company towards new horizons.

Creating Value through Business Coaching

Our approach begins by listening carefully to your business needs and objectives. Together, we develop a customized strategic plan aligned with your vision. Thanks to our expertise in financial and operational analysis, we identify growth opportunities and the levers to activate to boost your performance.

Business Transfer and Value Creation

The transfer of a business is a crucial step which can have a significant impact on the longevity and value of your business. That’s why it’s essential to create value before and during the process. By identifying and improving the key aspects of your business, you increase its attractiveness to potential investors or buyers.

Our dedicated business transfer coaching aims to maximize the value of your business by:

  • Accurately assessing your company’s current value, considering its assets, financial performance, and growth prospects.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing strategies to strengthen your company’s profitability, competitiveness, and resilience.
  • Optimally structuring the business transfer, choosing the best approach for a successful transition.
  • Preparing your management team and employees to ensure business continuity and performance after the transfer.


Digital Shift 4.0 and Business Transfer

In a world of perpetual digital change, the transfer of a poorly digitized business represents a major risk for an acquirer (informal processes, incomplete information, security risks, etc.).   Our team will support you in your transition to digital 4.0 by integrating innovative technologies that will rapidly optimize your processes and maximize your company’s value.

We guide you through this digital transformation by :

  • Assessing your company’s current level of digitalization (Technologies, Employees, Processes)
  • Identifying digitization opportunities that support your business transfer objectives (e.g., effective use of data, task automation, and leveraging digital channels to conquer new markets)
  • Preparing your management team and employees for digital change
  • Facilitating the process of acquiring and implementing new technologies (RFP)

A Winning Alliance for Your Company

By choosing our combined offering, you benefit from an integrated and coherent approach to your company’s success:

  1. Clear, personalized strategic planning aligned with your objectives.
  2. Customized support for the effective implementation of your action plan.
  3. Specific recommendations to improve your financial and operational performance.
  4. A controlled digital shift for sustainable growth and successful expansion.
  5. Dedicated support for business transfers to optimize their value.
  6. Complementary expertise from Orest Lysymanko and Patrick Carle, recognized experts in their field.
  7. Guaranteed support from Levasseur Warren, a trusted partner in your success.

Contact us today!

Don’t wait any longer to seize this unique opportunity to give your company a new dynamic, optimize the value of your business transfer and successfully make the transition to digital 4.0. Make an appointment now with our team to discuss your specific needs. Together, we’ll develop a customized plan to create value, meet the challenges of digital 4.0 and make your business transfer a success with complete peace of mind. To find out more about our combined offering, visit the profiles of Orest Lysymanko and Patrick Carle, proud members of the Levasseur Warren team.