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Are you about to launch a new product or service? Do you want to reorient your activities and be successful? Would you like to be prepared for all eventualities to ensure the continuity of your business?

Consider strategic planning now, so that you can make the best decisions for your future now.

What is a strategic plan?

A strategic plan provides the company with a clear direction and a set of performance targets.

In drawing up your strategic plan, you will imagine your current activities (or those you are planning to set up) in the future and estimate the possible consequences, both positive and negative. In this way, you will be able to put in place the right solutions to ensure that your activities run smoothly and that your business grows.

In other words, your strategic plan will become the ultimate reference to guide your team towards common goals, avoiding unnecessary detours that waste time and money.

What are the reasons for developing a strategic plan?

There are several reasons for drawing up a strategic plan:

  • You have just started your business and want it to prosper in the medium and long term.
  • Major changes are taking place in your company (in terms of structure/form or activities) and you want the transition to be smooth.
  • The environment in which your company is developing is undergoing significant change (the market is changing rapidly, new regulations are impacting your activities, new competitors are forcing you to review your offer, etc.), but you intend to do well.
  • You would like to optimize the productivity of your teams.
  • You want to avoid or better manage organizational problems affecting the performance of your teams.
  • You want to adapt easily to future technologies. You need advice and support in digital transformation.
  • You want to be better equipped to deal with labour shortages.
  • Etc.

Corporate culture: a determining factor in the success of your plan

It is impossible to think about developing a strategic plan without a strong and well-defined corporate culture. A corporate culture is made up of values, beliefs and behaviours that make it easier for the company to function. The more positive and unifying it is, the more likely your employees will be to invest in your organization… and the more committed and open they will be to participating in achieving the goals set out in your strategic plan.

Do you want to strengthen your corporate culture? We can help you.

The main elements of a strategic plan

A complete and reliable strategic plan designed jointly by your team and the experts at Levasseur Warren, will include.

  • The definition of the company’s mission;
  • The company’s values (their definition and their impact on the organization, employees, environment, community, etc.);
  • The establishment of a common axis around which future changes and objectives will be articulated;
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its products and services;
  • An analysis of opportunities and potential difficulties;
  • Priority setting;
  • Assessment of available resources to establish and implement an action plan;
  • The conceptualization and integration of performance indicators that can measure, verify and compare performance;
  • The creation of monitoring mechanisms.

Urban Offsite

You would like to organize an urban offsite or a strategic retreat outside, but your team has difficulty getting outside for a few days due to family or other responsibilities? Then our Urban Offsite concept is tailor-made for you.  Levasseur Warren is a partner with Montreal CoWork in organizing this type of event.  Whether for team mobilization or strategic planning, we are at your service.  We can organise your event with our team of certified business coaches, certified trainers and accompanying experts.  The people of Montreal Cowork will welcome you and take care of the room, meals and fun activities.

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