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Our team of digital transformation experts

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of information technologies, particularly software development. Our multidisciplinary team of digital transformation experts promote both turnkey design of mobile applications and partnership in joint development (co-development) of custom software and applications.

Our services

  • Web applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Custom software

  • Dedicated Co-development teams

  • Technology outsourcing

Who we help

  • Any company (SME and large companies) with a need for IT

  • Associations and government agencies

  • Digital project managers

Industry 4.0 Audit program

The Audit Industry 4.0 program of the Government of Quebec’s aims to encourage as many Quebec companies, from all sectors of activity, to undertake the digital transformation by carrying out a diagnosis and a digital plan, followed by a structured process to select solutions and plan the change management process for the prioritized digital projects. Industry 4.0 audits must be carried out by certified auditors using the diagnostic tool of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Quebec (MEI). Financial assistance is administered by Investissement Québec.

Our digital transformation offer for the Digital Audit 4.0 program*
Government assistance

Part 1 – Carrying out a diagnosis and a digital plan

  • Validation of strategic and operational orientations;
  • Level of alignment between business processes (minimum 25 processes, including 5 high-stakes processes) and strategic/operational orientations;
  • Analysis and assessment of the company’s overall digital maturity index;
  • Production of a report including:
    • Quantitative result (%) of digital maturity for each dimensions of the company
    • Problems observed for each “dimension”
    • Solutions considered and possible gain for each “dimensions”
$20,000 (50% of eligible expenses)


Part 2 – Implementation plan and system selection

  • Part 2 – Implementation plan and system selection
  • Development of a requirement grid and specifications for each priority digital project, making it possible to target potential digital solutions;
  • Development of a functional and financial analysis of the targeted potential solutions;
  • Support in the choice of digital solutions responding to the priority projects of the digital plan;
  • Planning for the management of operational and human change.
$10,000 (50% of eligible expenses)


Training for middle managers – facilitating organizational transformation
Training to facilitate the change process in your organization

  • Change management
  • Planning and financial management in business
  • Leadership and human resources management
  • Governance
Eligible for the law of 1% of your payroll expenses in training.