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Jean-Claude Silva

Coach, Sales trainer, Keynote speaker

Coaching & business development

Deeply determined to advance and succeed the businesses and entrepreneurs he oversees, JayCee draws his energy from his numerous public interventions as a speaker and motivator. His contagious passion, his simplicity and his strength of character are some of the key elements that factor in on numerous of his successes with the companies and professionals he coaches. His many accomplishments in sales and business coaching come from his perseverance, clarity and precision in his interventions. JayCee’s exceptional experience in leadership, marketing, sales, business development, are pillars to his unique techniques. Mandates where he was asked to lead the promoting of diversity, mentoring and consulting, have been recognized as elite from previous and existing customers. Let it be to enhance personal or professional growth, his strategies remain a valuable contribution in exponential momentum. His knowledge in the field of future technologies, custom coaching programs, as well as business development, make him an asset to any organization. It is appropriate to mention that his achievements have been recognized with distinction by each of the influential organizations of which he has been a part of.


I’ve had the privilege of planning for and taking part in a sales training given by Jean-Claude late in 2019. What immediately stood out is his love for what he does, both in sales and coaching. You get a sense that he is following his calling passionately. All of us left the training with renewed purpose and some very helpful insights. He also confronted us with our own self-imposed limitations and gave us tools to overcome them. I would recommend his services to any business looking to give it’s sales force an edge, to boost morale and to improve team spirit. Thanks for your help!

Francis St-Laurent
FAE & Business Development Manager
Smart Cities and Tunnel at Schréder Canada