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The importance of employee experience in businesses

It is often said: “A happy employee is a motivated and high-performing employee”. Well, it’s true!  Beginning with a good match between a position and a candidate during the recruitment process and going as far as accompanying the employee throughout the duration of his or her employment, it is important to offer a framework conducive to development and self-fulfillment.

To do so, here is how we can help you:

1- Taking charge of part or all of the recruitment process.

2- Consulting services in labour relations (e.g.: employee follow-ups, conflict management, management of disciplinary measures);

3- Consulting services in training and skills development (development of a plan, performance management, follow-ups);

4- Support in the drafting of procedures, policies and employee guides;

5- Coaching (consulting services or training) in the development of interpersonal skills (example: tools for better communication).

6- Career Transition: Job search services with the support of  a career coach to assist you or your ex-employee.

New trends in human resources:

The year 2020 has led organizations to quickly review their work methods. This new reality generates a lot of upheavals, which generates various emotions. In order to ensure the sustainability of companies, we know how important it is to know how to adjust properly.

To do so, here is how we can help you:

1- Consulting services in change management (example: virtual recruitment process, priority setting and communication, virtual meetings with employees);

2- Coaching (consulting services or training) to managers and employees in the management of psychological health (example: tools to deal with stress, performance anxiety, in the establishment and verbalization of personal limits).

Implementation of a quality certificate for training initiatives – CQIF

In the context of managing transformation or growth, we offer a distinctive service to support the implementation of skills development programs for your eligibility to grant applications, the development of a corporate strategy for the implementation of a quality certificate for training initiatives with the coordination of personalized pathways.