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What do corporate finance consultants do?

Corporate finance is a crucial aspect of any business. Although sales generation is also important, financial management is the foundation of any business, because without sufficient funds, there can be no production. The company’s finances are therefore of paramount importance, and a company can call upon an expert to maintain its financial balance. This specialist has an external and objective view of the company’s financial management and can help your company in several ways:


The most requested services of our corporate finance consultants:

1. Shareholder Value Creation – Analyze the drivers of shareholder return and optimize them.

2. M&A Strategy – Define and implement the goal and execution strategy for your M&A transactions.

3. IPO Preparation – Prepare all or part of your company for an IPO by establishing proper financial reporting, strong governance and a compelling equity story.

4. Company valuation – Get an independent, professional and quantified estimate of the value of your company or target.

5. Debt and equity financing – Determine the optimal financing structure for your M&A transactions based on the state of the financial markets.

6. Corporate Finance Strategy – Define and implement a strategy and milestones to achieve your financial goals.

Why hire corporate finance consultants?

Although corporate finance consultants are experts in financial matters, their skills are not limited to that. They use a variety of financial management techniques to improve the financial state of your business. Here are some examples:

Corporate finance consultants are experts in finance, but their abilities are not limited to that. They use a number of financial management techniques to improve the financial condition of a business, including:

Increasing value

A corporate finance consultant optimizes the value of capital to increase the potential outcome of raising capital. The consultant focuses primarily on the internal structures of the company by designing and implementing strategies that improve and accelerate value creation. In addition, the expert implements lean financing measures to optimize the company’s financial function and expand the skills of employees. Finally, these experts also oversee the talent management related to the finance function. All of this increases a company’s chances of finding the capital it needs.

Financial analysis and forecasting for the company

In addition to increasing the value of the company to facilitate the raising of capital, corporate finance consultants assess and forecast a company’s financial condition. They assess the risks associated with opportunities, potential returns and the impact on the company’s financial position. Their responsibilities range from implementing financial strategies, such as cost analysis, risk management and increasing expected returns.

These experts present their analysis in a financial model that evaluates a company or a portfolio of projects based on their performance. Using this model, it is possible to forecast the future financial situation of a company within the framework of a capital budget.

Procedures and management of large investments

Corporate finance specialists play a crucial role in enriching companies by identifying new sources of revenue. They oversee mergers and acquisitions and ensure that their clients get the most out of these transactions. In addition, corporate finance consultants conduct negotiations during the acquisition with a clear idea of what the client can gain. With their knowledge of a company’s financial situation, they contribute to the bidding process in a competitive manner by liaising with the accountant. The main objective of the corporate finance consultant is to secure profitable investment opportunities for the company that would increase shareholder value and support long-term growth.

Debt Management

Debt management is critical to a company’s survival. Corporate finance consultants understand the impact that debt can have on a company’s future prospects. That is why they are also responsible for better debt management for their clients. These experts offer debt management strategies through debt restructuring or debt protection insurance based on the company’s financing capabilities. They prioritize debt repayment to prevent companies from going bankrupt.


Finance is undeniably crucial to a business. It determines the opportunities you can pursue or the goals you can set for the year. That’s why you need a specialist to keep your business financially balanced. With LW, you can benefit from the expertise of a corporate finance consultant to ensure a healthy financial situation for your company, now and in the future.

With LevasseurWarren’s services, we can help you improve the financial health of your company and assist you in these areas

  • Operational efficiency
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial dashboards
  • Growth and profitability management
  • Business acquisitions and sales projects
  • Cash flow management
  • We can also guide you in your search for financing or grants

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