Creation of an advisory board: Explanation and our service offer


Far from beign alone

Business leaders or executives Directors set goals to continuously surpass objectives and lead by example. It is human nature to question and doubt, making the decisions following these moments crucial. Levasseur Warren’s Advisory Board is there to listen, guide and assure optimization of your business practices by setting the pace, report objectively and support your initiatives.


Business situational questions:

  • Would you like to accelerate and improve your decision-making process?
  • Are your business goals to increase performance and profitability?
  • Is there a need to render your recruitment process more efficient so that it better reflects the skill set of your team?
  • Are you looking for different strategies to increase sales with todays trends and go to market solutions?

Our Mission: Be Your Compass And Your Metronome

Our flexibility allows us to work within your schedule to establish realistic timelines for achieving your goals. Our efficient organizational & financial approaches as well as the tools we supply you to accomplish all tasks results in successful attainment.


An Advisory Board At Your Fingertips

Levasseur Warren’s accomplished professionals will offer insight to structure your thinking & motivate all members of your team. They will propose different solutions for achieving conclusive results with your best interest at heart. Their interventions can be inserted at different levels of your organization: Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales. Branding or Operations governance. Our group of experts gives you an external view of your internal business strategies to maximize your return on investment.



  • Analysis
  • Solution proposal
  • Time frame
  • Tasks delegation
  • Supervision of execution
  • Support
  • Post partem

A Proven Synergy

One of the greatest benefits of our performance is the pooling of the talents that are the foundation of our team, all coming from many different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.


Top 7 Questions Business Leaders Need To Answer Honestly

  • Is our executive team complete?
  • Where should we start to materialize our ideas?
  • We hold a competitive edge, but our results are staggering…why?
  • How can we make our recruitment efforts more efficient?
  • Why are my team of executives not following through on set timelines?
  • Our sales for new business are slowing down, why?
  • How do we correct the mistakes we’ve done in order to not repeat them?