Business and Management Coach Team Montreal

                        Business Coach and emotional intelligence practitioner, Speaker,
                        Author, Trainer, Facilitator (managers, teams & groups)

Nadine Beaupré

BAA, ICF Coach-PCC, Certified EQ-i 2.0 & Conflict Thomas-Kilmann (TKI)

Business Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Speaker, Author and Certified Trainer. Business Management Coaching & Consulting

Nadine Beaupré has more than 20 years of experience as a high performer manager in the Canadian Financial Industry with 10 years in the training and leadership development field. She is a business coach and emotional intelligence practitioner, Author, Speaker, Certified Trainer by Commission des partenaires du travail au Québec and a Yoga Teacher.
A graduate in Organizational and Executive Leadership from HEC Montreal and a graduate in Business Administration and Business Training from UQAM, she’s passionate about leader’s professional development. Her Canadian and international experiences, she has taught business coaching and Human Resources at ISCAM, a business school located in Madagascar, which have favor great agility during organizational transformations through large corporations, private and public companies and SMEs.
In 2020, she is recognized in the TOP 3 of the best Business Management Consulting Experts in Quebec by Stratégies PME. Her LinkedIn Profile has almost two hundred satisfaction testimonials.
Nadine offers conferences, coaching and training sessions to companies and to the general public on emotional intelligence, stress management and resilience, self esteem and imposter syndrome, management coaching and influential leadership coaching, communication and conflicts management, intrapreneurship, team facilitation and co development as well as change management.
Inspirational Speaker, she is appreciated for her dynamism, creativity, authentic partnership with her clients, her humorous approach with courage/resilience and her concrete, pragmatic and effective advice. Well anchored in the face of today's realities, she facilitates the implementation of co-creative approaches that will enable companies to perform soundly through the commitment of their employees. She’s a quiet force that inspires change!