Coaching for managers and teams: Sales, Marketing, HR & Leadership

Business Coaching

Business owners are confronted with one or more of these challenges:

  • They will need to generate more earnings to enhance the cash flow of the company.
  • They will need to have more leverage from their business.
  • They will need to boost their marketing plan to attract more prospects and keep more customers.
  • They will need to employ and keep qualified workers.
  • They will need to instill a culture of excellence.
  • They attempt to get it done themselves and the company is dependent solely on the owner.
  • They need help to bring the company to another level.

Business coaching can help you confront these challenges and develop your company through our personalized coaching program.

Strategic Planning

A tactical plan which provides the company with a clear strategic direction and set of performance objectives and delivers value to clients and be successful. The purpose of strategic planning is to set overall goals for your business and produce a strategy to reach them.  The goals will be the roadmap for employees to be more engaged and effective.  Your business culture consists of individuals, beliefs, procedures, experiences, thoughts, and perspectives.  Your strategy is the map of where your organization is moving – the route it requires and how it gets there.  It is not possible to have a plan without a corporate culture. The achievement of this strategy is directly associated with the degree of employee engagement. Oftentimes, businesses have a certain amount of success and reach a plateau.  Great strategic planning can help you stay away from this plateau. Our strategic planning program can be completed within 90 days.

Business Transfer

For a company owner, no choice is more important than the transfer of your company.  Embarking on a sale procedure requires preparation and thought.  Many small business owners have not completed any succession planning.  Some say they do not have enough time, are obsessed with running their company, do not wish to consider leaving or do not understand how to proceed.

It requires at least two to five years to develop a proper transition. The company can lose substantial value if there is absolutely no exit strategy and when it must be sold because of a health problem.

Business Owners set a great deal of focus on developing their businesses, but they do not understand that with good preparation, they are also able to maximize the value of their company.  Our program can allow you to prepare for an effective business transition.