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Business Coach Success Cases

Letter of Recommendation : Yves Levasseur

Laval, April 1, 2020

We were fortunate enough to carry out our strategic planning exercise with Mr. Levasseur. He was able to guide and accompany us with professionalism and rigour in this crucial process for our company. His advice and availability throughout the year were very useful to us and facilitated and optimized the achievement of our objectives.

In addition, Mr. Levasseur acted as a professional coach for one of our new employees. This professional relationship was very beneficial and greatly contributed to his professional development.

I would not hesitate to mandate Mr. Levasseur again in our company as well as to recommend him to other SMEs as a facilitator and contributor to the success of their business.

Julie Plouffe, CRHA
Director Human Resources
Confiserie Mondoux Inc.

Letter of Recommendation : Marjorie Poitras

July 26, 2019

Marjorie Poitras is a coach who takes us, with a masterful hand, into our areas of strengths and weaknesses to make us aware of our derails.

Thanks to her vast experience within large organizations as a high-level executive, she has the ability to quickly understand our issues and guide us towards solutions and achievable goals. Structured, analytical, empathetic and above all experienced, she is an outstanding coach that all leaders should work with.

Thank you Marjorie for your listening skills, your authenticity and the way you lead the most delicate issues to concrete action.

Chantal D. Brochu
Assistant manager
Collège de Maisonneuve

Letter of Recommendation : Yves Levasseur

Montreal, June 4, 2019

Yves Levasseur was part of our coaching team at C2 Montréal’s eighth edition from May 22-24, 2019. This immersive event attracted 7500 participants from all around the world. At the cutting edge of creativity and innovation, C2 Montréal aims to inspire curious and visionary decision-makers by offering them a different kind of business conference-one that encourages collaboration as well as the surfacing of novel ideas and solutions. New this year, C2 Montréal offered 30-minute private coaching sessions, courtesy of BMW, designed to help participants accelerate their professional growth. Located in the event’s Atrium, participants got behind the wheel of a BMW i8 with Yves as their coach and worked on subjects such as creative process, creative leadership, entrepreneurship, developing future skills, change management and more.

Over the course of the three days, Yves Levasseur successfully delivered 15 high level coaching sessions. He received praise by those he guided for his listening skills, valuable insights and powerful questioning. Participants were surprised by Yves’ ability to help them find more clarity in their professional journey in such a short coaching time frame. They left with a clearer sense of direction and being a step closer to their goal. Coaching in this unusual context with such a diversity of participants required a high level of creativity, openness and adaptability. Yves undeniably demonstrated all of these qualities. I can only offer the highest recommendation on his behalf.

Joëlle Sarrailh
Collaborative Experiences Director
C2 Montréal I Commerce + créativity

Reference letter : Jean Claude Silva

January 3, 2019

I've had the privilege of planning for and taking part in a sales training given by Jean-Claude late in 2019. What immediately stood out is his love for what he does, both in sales and coaching. You get a sense that he is following his calling passionately. All of us left the training with renewed purpose and some very helpful insights. He also confronted us with our own self-imposed limitations and gave us tools to overcome them. I would recommend his services to any business looking to give it's sales force an edge, to boost morale and to improve team spirit. Thanks for your help!

Francis St-Laurent
FAE & Business Development Manager
Smart Cities and Tunnel at Schréder Canada

Reference letter : Yves Levasseur

Pierrefonds, September 2 2019

I was fortunate and privileged to have received valuable advice from Yves during a personalized coaching.

His attentive listening, his positive approach, his precise observations and his proven tactics allowed me to improve many aspects of my business.

When I meet with a potential customer, I often say, "what would Yves do in this situation?" and like my personal Yoda, Yves' advice comes back to me.

If you are like me and care about the progress of your business, I strongly recommend that you contact Yves. This time spent with him is an investment that will surely payoff !

Stéphan Beaulieu, B.Sc., M.Env.

Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu inc.